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1215 Henderson Ave,
Washington, PA 15301

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Tel: 307-224-9676

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Faster & Safer Tanks

Well Water Solutions and Rentals Inc. was founded on the principals of creating strong business-to-business relationships. We have brought together an extremely talented team of business leaders with oil industry experience to develop break-though solutions and unmatched business-to-business growth opportunities. 

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Coast to coast we are proud to serve customers in various industries. 

Not only can you turn to Well Water Solutions and Rentals for the best frac tanks in the industry, but we also offer water treatment. With our one-of-a-kind water treatment technology — Infinite Solutions — we are able to make produced and flow back waters reusable again, no matter how dirty they are..

At Well Water Solutions, we keep safety in the forefront of everything we do, and that includes setting up your frac tank. We have our own unique patented designed that make it possible for us to provide you with the safest and fastest frac tank erection in the industry. We can get your tank up and ready to use in as little as four hours!

Companies all across the United States and Canada have saved thousands of dollars with our solutions. Because our frac tanks hold some of the largest volumes in the industry, we can help you reduce your truck traffic by up to 98 percent, which means less overhead and more savings. Talk to a representative today to to learn about the many other ways we can help you save!

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