Why You Need to Keep Your Tanks Covered

105When it comes to your water storage tank, you might have the option of choosing a covered or uncovered tank. However, some job sites may be required to cover their tanks depending on what liquids they are storing, the kind of job site they are working on, or even just by local laws. Despite what the local laws say, though, it’s often in your best interest to keep your water storage tank covered with either a net or a floating cover.

Covered Tanks Are Safer

The Benefits of a Net Cover

When it comes to covering your tank, sometimes a net covering is all that’s needed. Net coverings are primarily used to keep wildlife, especially birds, out of your water supply. Birds in your water can contaminate the water, and depending on what’s in your liquid, it could kill the birds. This can cause your job site to be fined by local wildlife and environmental protection agencies and certainly won’t win you any fans with local communities. Plus, keeping the net on your water tank keeps large debris out that can cause major problems with plumbing and pumping systems.

frac tanksThe Benefits of a Floating Tank Cover

Some sites prefer a floating tank cover. It does the job of a net cover (keeping out wildlife, especially birds) but has a few other benefits as well. Floating covers can help prevent evaporation of your liquid, which is especially important if there are chemicals in the liquid that could evaporate into the air. Even if your tank includes clean water, evaporation is a big deal. It wastes your profits when you are trying to refill your tanks with the water that vanishes into thin air day after day. A cover can also reduce the amount of algae growth that you experience in your water storage tank.

Which one is right for your Water Storage Tank?

If you aren’t sure which option is the right one for your water storage tank, give our team a call. We’ll help you decide if netting or floating covers are best and then make sure you have a tank that meets your needs. We have water storage tanks from 10,000 to 60,000 BBL capacity and covers to fit every size. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our water storage tank options and to start the rental process. Call or contact us through our website today!


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