Our Frac Tank is For More Than Just Water

frac tanksFrac tanks are most commonly used to store water on the job site. An incredible amount of water is used in fracking; in fact, somewhere between two and eight million gallons will be used to frac a single well. All of that water will need to be brought onto the job site and stored somewhere, and that’s why you’ll see so many frac tanks around. However, not all of those frac tanks hold only water. Many tanks are used to store a variety of liquids.

The Versatility of the Frac Tank

What’s Inside Those Frac Tanks?

While the majority of the frac tanks that you see will be holding water, it’s not true for all of them. Most tanks are made to handle a variety of liquids and are coated with materials that withstand chemicals and corrosion. Inside, you might find:

  • Frac water. Different from regular water, frac water is the flowback from the frac well. This liquid may contain certain chemicals and contaminants which will need to be handled properly. A frac tank is a safe place to keep the water in the meantime.
  • Gasoline. There are a lot of vehicles on a fracking job site, and almost all of them will require fuel. Having a frac tank filled with gasoline is a great way to ensure everyone can fill up when they need to without much hassle.
  • Chemicals. Fracking job sites utilize certain chemicals in order to increase the natural gas output at the well. These chemicals need to be safely stored to ensure they don’t seep into the ground, and a frac tank can be the perfect place for them.
  • Human waste. It isn’t pleasant, but it’s a basic human fact of a job site: that human waste has to go somewhere. Because frac tanks are made to hold liquids safely, they can be ideal for emptying out on-site toilets.

frac tankWe Have the Frac Tank You Need

If you are looking for a frac tank for your job site, get in touch with our team. Whether you are storing water, gasoline, chemicals, human waste or something else entirely, we can help you find the tanks that are right for the job. Just give us a call or contact us through our website and let our team know what liquids you need to store. We’ll get you the frac tanks that you need in no time within the United States and Canada!

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