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One of the most important parts of a water storage tank is the liner that’s used. The liner is responsible for a number of important factors in your tanks, so you need to make sure that the water storage tank company that you are using is utilizing the highest-quality tank liner possible. Otherwise, you could be in for some serious repercussions. Well Water Solutions and Rentals Inc. uses some of the best liners in the business!

water storage tanksMake Sure Your Water Storage Tank is Properly Lined

What the Liner Does in Your Water Storage Tank

Liners are responsible for a number of things, most importantly:

  • Keeping water inside your tank. Instead of worrying about waterproofing the tank itself, a heavy duty liner does the job at a fraction of the cost and a sliver of the time.
  • Keeps contaminants from seeping into the ground. Sometimes the water stored in these tanks isn’t fresh; it may be flowback from a frac site that needs to be sent to a wastewater site or otherwise be contaminated. A good liner prevents any of the contamination from seeping into theĀ ground, which could result in hefty EPA fines.

Because these two things are so important, your liner is definitely not the place where you want to try to save a few pennies.

The Liner Used in Our Water Storage Tank

Well Water Solutions and Rentals Inc. uses a 30+ Mil liner as a standard liner in our water storage tanks. However, we do offer a few other options if it’s required for your operation. You can get up to a 40 Mil liner, depending on your needs, and we can even do a double liner for even more protection. Our team will take theĀ time to listen to your needs and ensure that the water storage tank that you use from us is lined properly to meet your needs. Even if you aren’t sure which liner is right for your tank, we can help you figure it out.

wellwaterBGGet in Touch with Our Team for Your Water Storage Tank

If you are in need of an excellent water storage tank for your job site, get in touch with our team. We offer tanks with smaller footprints and larger capacities with the options and liners that you need. You can give us a call at 307-247-0675 or contact us through our website today. We offer water storage tank and frac tank rentals throughout the United States and Canada!

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