What to Expect from Your Water Storage Tanks

AST_v1When it comes to your water storage tank, you really only have one expectation: for it to work. You don’t want to buy a water storage tank that is going to require you to spend a lot of time, money, or effort on it, since there are more pressing issues on the job site that need your attention. So while this should be your first and foremost expectation for a water storage tank that you rent, it shouldn’t be the only expectation that you have.

Great Expectations for Water Storage Tanks

Low operating costs

You should expect low operating costs from your storage tank. WWS tanks are engineered to be inexpensive to set up and maintain, and their overall operating costs are lower than many other water storage tanks available on the market.

High Emphasis on Safety

Safety on the job site should be priority number one, and it’s something that we take seriously when designing our water storage tanks, too. Our team worked to incorporate safety measures like access ladders with an optional double sided staircases as well. This gives your team access while ensuring they are safe and within OSHA guidelines.

Help Reduce On Site Traffic

You should expect your tank to help reduce the traffic on your job site. Our tanks reduce it by as much as 98%. That’s because they have the capacity that you need, a remote liquid monitoring system so you can monitor the tank from any location, and and easy access fill points all help keep traffic to a minimum. This reduces safety risks and also lowers your on-site fuel costs.

Maximum Usable Barrelswater storage tanks

Some water storage tanks are set up in such a way that their capacity doesn’t come close to the number of usable barrels you’ll get out of a tank. That leads to more replenishment, which increases your daily cost, and slows down production. Our tanks maximize usable barrels; in fact, you’ll get 99% usability out of our tanks.

Engineered to Protect the Environment

Protection of your crew is important to you; so it the protection of the environment. Our water storage tanks are engineered to help you provide total protection to the environment around your job site. That include heavy-duty liners that prevent seepage into the ground; floating covers that prevent chemical evaporation into the air; and netting that prevents wildlife and birds from harming themselves in your tank.

A Tank That Makes Your Job Easier

There is no sense investing in a water storage tank that makes life on your job site more difficult. You should have high expectations for your water storage tank and find the one that checks all of the boxes. Look for tanks that are well engineered with safety and performance in mind and that come at a reasonable rental price. Our team would love to show you how our water storage tank selection can meet–and exceed–your expectations. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our water storage tanks and to start the process to rent one for your job site as soon as possible.


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