The Problem with Other Methods of Fracking Wastewater Storage

Tanks_2Water. Fresh water is critical to life on Earth. No one wants to see our way of life eliminate our  access to fresh water. Some standard methods of storing and removing fracking wastewater can cause damage to the environment and large problems with the water supply. The above ground water storage tanks provided by Well Water Solutions are an excellent way to dispose of fracking wastewater safely for the following reasons.

Above Ground

What makes the water storage tanks by Well Water Solutions unique is their above-ground nature and ease of set up. Unlike frac pits, lakes, ponds, or tank farms, our water storage tanks sit above ground so the water has absolutely no contact with the ground where contaminants can seep into underground water systems. The system is easy and quick to set up, while still providing a high density plastic that retains all wastewater within it.

Full Water Management Options

In addition to providing an appropriate location to place fracking fluid, Well Water Solutions offers a wide variety of water management and treatment options. Other solutions don’t look at the full picture, but we focus on the full management process from the water source, through usage, and back to treatment or disposal. If these are services you wish to use in order to create the most environmentally friendly process as possible, please contact us.

We know how important it is to help take care of the fresh water supplies across North America, and with the above ground water storage tanks and full water management options available through Well Water Solutions, we can all do our part in managing the fracking industry more responsibly.

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