3 Features that Set Well Water Solutions’ Storage Tank System Apart

As we’ve discussed previously, the process of fracking sends water, sand, and a few chemicals into the ground at high speeds in order to release the natural gas from shale beds deep below the Earth’s surface. This process has created affordable energy that produces fewer carbon emissions than coal or gasoline. However, the leftover waste water from the process needs to be addressed. At Well Water Solutions and Rentals, we provide the very best in water storage tanks and wastewater solutions in an effort to prevent those chemicals from contaminating drinking water or the environment. Check out these additional features that set apart our water storage tanks from the rest.

Bird Netting

When pools of water sit outside, they can attract all types of birds. It’s important that fracking water not be consumed by the local wildlife. For this reason, we give companies the option of purchasing bird netting in order to remain as environmentally friendly as possible. The bird netting keeps birds away from the wastewater, keeping them safe.

Floating Covers

Much like the bird netting, floating covers on the water storage tanks can truly benefit the environment when the tanks are located outside. Floating covers are a simple way to keep other wildlife out, and we highly recommend them. They also help keep additional contaminants out of the wastewater before processing.

Tank Heating

We highly recommend our optional tank heating feature for fracking wastewater. Keeping the water at an appropriate temperature expedites the waste mitigation process and is key in being able to provide optimal water treatment later on.

Contact us about the variety of options for water storage tanks that we have available here at Well Water Solutions.


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