2 Drawbacks to Our Competitor’s Storage Tanks. But Not Ours!

Water storage tanks may not be the first thing on your mind when setting up a fracking site, but they are a necessary part of the fracking process. These wastewater storage tanks help to protect drinking and ground water from the chemical contaminants that fracking can add until the water has a chance to be professionally processed and cleaned. So, we’ll make it easy for you when it comes to choosing your site’s water storage tanks. Here are two drawbacks to our competitor’s storage tanks that you won’t have to concern yourself about with Well Water Solutions’ water storage tanks.

High Overhead

While many other comparable products promise results, their results come at a very high price; this means you spend more in overhead and gain less in profit. The above-ground water storage tanks through Well Water Solutions require less overhead than other conventional tanks. They’re made of high-grade plastics that are durable and affordable, providing an affordable solution that still protects the groundwater supplies.

Complex Manifolds and Hoses

Part of having water storage tanks on site include getting the fracking fluid into the tanks and out of the tanks for proper disposal or cleaning. This typically involves extensive manifold costs and complex hose systems that are difficult to work with and cause a workplace hazard. Between the cost and the hazards, it can be exceptionally difficult to feel like the water storage tanks merit your attention. Well Water Solutions provide affordable, simple solutions to make this a customized process for your site. You will save thousands in manifold costs and can greatly reduce tripping hazards from the reduction in the hoses used on the manifolds.

Contact Well Water Solutions to talk to us about how we can best fit your fracking site’s needs and see the difference in our water storage tanks!

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