Wastewater Contaminates Need to be Contained

Fracking has boosted our economy and helped alleviate the energy slump in the United States. We’ve lessened our reliance on foreign oil and as the popularity of natural gas rises, fracking will be an even more integral part of our nation’s economy. While there are numerous benefits, there are certain risks that go hand in hand with new technology and new energy production.


Fracking produces lots of wastewater. Fracking sends water, sand, and chemicals into the earth to extract natural gas from shale beds. This water has to get pumped somewhere, and many companies choose to house it in ponds. Often these ponds are unlined, meaning the water gradually seeps back into the earth, contaminating the surrounding soil with residual chemicals and increasing the risk of contaminating the water table. With the recent lawsuit in Pennsylvania, contaminants are a concern on many people’s minds. In this instance, the water supply for several families was contaminated from the activities of a nearby fracking operation.


There’s a simple way to minimize this risk. Choose an above ground frac tank. Our tanks are fully lined and contain the wastewater without it coming into contact with the ground. Our tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are easy to install at your location. We’ll minimize the risk of leaks by overseeing both the installation and setup.


If you’re looking to decrease safety hazards at your site, contact us today to get a free estimate based on your facility’s needs.

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