Fracking Creates Jobs Across the Nation

Fracking has done more for the economy than simply lower people’s energy bills. It is responsible for meeting the demand for natural gas–a cleaner alternative to oil–and for creating jobs across the nation. With the increase in domestic energy production, more people are being hired to fill the demand.


We’re keeping more jobs at home. Outsourcing has become a problem with much of our economy. Cars are now being built in China, customer service calls are handled by call centers in India, but fracking and domestic energy production is hiring people from local communities. The jobs stay here, money circulates in the economy, and communities can grow.


Landowners who give permission for companies to begin hydraulic fracturing on their property receive royalty payments for the use of their land. Even in lands without large shale deposits, fracking will benefit the economy. Production and processing plants require the manufacture of new equipment as well as new equipment operators.


Though there are certain concerns about the negative effects of fracking (earthquakes, contamination), we cannot deny that the industry is creating new jobs while benefiting energy users nationwide by lowering costs and increasing the supply of natural gas. Technology continues to improve and the safety of fracking will likely improve as well.


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