Fracking is Helping Americans Save More Money

Believe it or not, fracking is benefiting average Americans every day. 

When you hear about fracking, you often hear about all of the negatives, such as earthquakes, contaminated water, etc. What you don’t hear about is the positives of fracking. Not only has fracking helped us to lessen our reliance on foreign oil and move away from dirty fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, it also helps average Americans save money every single day! A new report from the Energy Information Administration has found that fracking saves the average American almost $750 every single year!

How does fracking help us save?

If you use natural gas to power your home, it’s pretty easy to determine how fracking helps you save, but what if you don’t use natural gas in your home? Not only has fracking driven the price of natural gas down, it has also driven down the price of gasoline. Because of fracking, the price of natural gas has fallen 56 percent,  the price of oil has fallen 71 percent and the price of energy overall has dropped 41 percent. These energy savings have helped Americans stay afloat when the average price of shelter, food and other necessities have risen.

Whether they want to see the benefits or not, Americans benefit from fracking in a variety of ways. At Well Water Solutions, we are proud to say that we offer above ground water storage tanks and other solutions that make fracking safer and better for the environment. Learn more by contacting us today!

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