Can Fracking Be Done Safely? Part 2

Fracking is incredibly beneficial, but dangerous fracking practices aren’t good for anyone. 

Fracking has been beneficial for the United States in many ways, and it is a key part of our future success. Unfortunately, dangerous fracking practices have led to environmental concerns and other safety issues that make fracking controversial. The good news is that Well Water Solutions can help you say goodbye to dangerous fracking practices and hello to safe fracking. Check out our latest blog to learn about the dangerous fracking practices that we’ve already gone over, and keep reading to learn about more of them:

#2. Frac pond use. 

Frac ponds are large, open tanks that are used to store waste water. Frac ponds are controversial for many reasons, including wildlife concerns and waste water contamination. Because frac ponds have no lids, there is nothing stopping waste water from evaporating into the air or animals from drinking the contaminated water. Our water storage tanks are a much safer alternative to frac ponds, and they even come with optional lids.

#3. Waste water reinjection.

Reinjecting waste water back into the ground has led to many environmental issues, including manmade earthquakes. Luckily, Well Water Solutions offers waste water treatment, which makes reinjection unnecessary. Our treatment process also allows you to reuse your waste water, which will help to minimize your reliance on fresh water for fracking.

Dangerous fracking practices are bad for people, the environment and the fracking industry as a whole. Learn how to make fracking safer by relying on Well Water Solutions. Contact us today to get started.


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