Is Natural Gas America’s Future?

Many companies have been working hard to find a new fuel source to replace oil. 

There’s not doubt about it, our country’s dependence on foreign oil isn’t always a good thing. Unless you live in a big city with lots of public transportation, you probably rely on your vehicle for almost everything. Whether you are going to work, getting your child to school or running to the grocery store, you probably rely on your vehicle, which needs gasoline (unless you have a flex fuel vehicle or an electrical vehicle) in order to run. Because of this dependence, we saw the economy turn to shambles in 2008 when oil prices soared to over $140 a barrel. That is why, now, many companies are looking for an alternative source of fuel, and they seem to have struck gold with natural gas.

The United States is now the world’s biggest producer of natural gas. 

Fracking has opened up our production of natural gas like never before, and many believe that it is the perfect alternative fuel source. Natural gas is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and, best of all, we can produce it right here in the United States. The only downsides to natural gas arise from the complications with fracking, and the good news is that Well Water Solutions, as well as some other leaders in the industry, have been coming up with new solutions, like above ground frac tanks and water treatment, to all of fracking’s biggest and most controversial problems.

Although we’ve given you a bit of information about natural gas, fracking and our innovative solutions, in our next blog, we’ll be going into detail about the environmental impacts of natural gas. Please stay tuned for our next blog!


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