Why Choose an Above Ground Water Storage Tank?

Why a pit is no longer a viable storage option.

Pits, sometimes referred to as frac pits, frac ponds or frac lakes, are often used to store wastewater from fracking, including flow back water and produced water. Pits, although usually cheap and easily built, come with many potential problems, including overflows and leaky liners. The problems with pits are bad enough on their own, but they can lead to other bigger problems, like air and water contamination. Pitz are also hazardous to wildlife, especially birds. The good news is that a pit is no longer the only available storage option, and we have a much better alternative for you.

Minimize the risks and hazards of fracking with above ground water storage tanks!

Above ground storage tanks, often called closed containment systems, are a wonderful alternative to frac pits. Our water storage tanks come reinforced with high-quality liners that prevent dangerous toxins and chemicals from contaminating the air and water around them, but they come with many more advantages, including:

  • Very little maintenance requirements
  • The ability to reuse and move the tank when the job is complete
  • Isolates harmful waste products from the environment.

In addition to all of the benefits we’ve listed above, we are proud to say that our tanks are also available for rent. By renting out one of our tanks, you can enjoy the benefits of using a closed containment system, without having to spend the money to buy a tank.

Our above ground water storage tanks are a far superior option to outdated frac pits. Learn more about our innovative water solutions when you contact us today!

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