We Can Help You Overcome Your Biggest Environmental Challenges

One of the biggest obstacles with fracking is the environmental impact that comes from water usage. 

It’s no secret that fracking uses millions of gallons of water every year, but that doesn’t mean that we will soon see the end of fracking. It is predicted that between now and 2035, a million new wells all around the world will be fracked. All of those wells will require an enormous amount of water. Keeping up with the water demands is just one side of the story from an environmental standpoint, the other side is waste water.

Waste water from hydraulic fracturing, also referred to as frac water, is most commonly disposed of by being pumping back into the ground, which is called reinjection. Although the water is pumped into a closed reservoir, it still finds its way into rivers, streams, lakes and even our sewer systems occasionally.

It’s time to find a new solution for flow back and produced water.

At Well Water Solutions, we specialize in helping our customers find new, revolutionary ways to solve their toughest water problems. One way that we do this is with our portable frac tanks, but that isn’t all we can do for you. We also have water treatment technology that is years ahead of its time and makes it possible for you to reuse even your dirtiest flow back and produced water. This will not only solve the problem of reinjecting flow back and produced water into the ground, it will also dramatically reduce your demand for water, which will make your company more sustainable and profitable.

The environmental benefits of reusing frac water are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about the benefits of recycling your frac water when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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