Water Treatment Makes Frac Water Reusable

Fracking is an increasingly controversial subject.

There are many benefits to fracking, some of which the average consumer never even thinks about. For example, oil prices are currently at a 5 year low, and according to analysts, they are expected to keep going down. According to The American Petroleum Institute, a large portion of the credit for our low oil prices is due to fracking. Fracking has given our oil and gas industry a new leg to stand on, which has helped our economy in a plethora of ways. However, fracking is is also a huge subject for debate, and one of the reasons for this is the excessive amount of water needed for fracking.

Unfortunately, many of the people, politicians and special interest groups who are against fracking are much more interested in demonizing the industry as a whole, rather than finding solutions. However, even with all of the bad press and controversy, we are proud to say that new strides have been made that has allowed us to find solutions to fracking’s biggest and most controversial problems.

Our water treatment technology allows you to reuse your dirtiest flow back and produced water. 

Water is, hands down, the fracking industry’s most controversial subject. Millions of gallons of water are required for fracking, and because of all of the chemicals and rock debris that are added to the water during the hydraulic fracturing process, it can’t be used again, until now that is. At Well Water Solutions, we offer the industry’s leading technology for cleaning your frac water, making it reusable once again. We can treat water at rates of up to 15,000 BBL each and every day, and we will do it at a cost that you can afford!

We make treating frac water easier and more affordable than ever before! Contact us today to learn more about our water treatment process and our above ground water storage tanks!

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