Since There is So Much Objection to Injection Disposal, Try This Instead!

With all the controversy currently being discussed in Oklahoma concerning injection disposal wells for fracking wastewater, it’s no surprise some companies may be looking for other fracking water disposal solutions.

What are Fracking Wastewater Disposal Wells or Injection Disposal?

You may be wondering what a fracking wastewater disposal well is or about the process of injection disposal. This has come to the attention of the media recently, as an injection facility in Oklahoma is being blamed for the most recent earthquake. In a previous blog, we discussed why the cause of the earthquake is highly unlikely to be the injection disposal facility, however the process in general, brings about some concerns. Injection disposal takes used fracking water and forces it deep underground to be left there as a means of disposal. There are arguments that suggest that this can cause drinking water contamination and other environmental problems.

Alternatives Providing Better Environmental Options

While injection disposal is one option for getting rid of used fracking water, there are better alternatives available to companies that do hydraulic fracture drilling. Instead of allowing contaminated water to be returned to the ground and risk an episode of drinking water contamination, Well Water Solutions offers above ground storage tank solutions that keep fracking fluid out of the soil. Additionally, options such as heated covers and water management allow your drilling company to do the environmentally right thing by helping to return the water to the strictest of environmental standards. Well Water Solutions’ above ground water storage tanks make it affordable and easy to do the right thing for the environment. When you choose our solutions, you are looking out for your company, but you’re also looking out for the planet.

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