Carbon Emissions at a 20-Year Low. Thank Hydraulic Fracture Drilling.

Let’s face it: everywhere you turn these days, there is news about climate change. Left and right, there is information about global temperatures rising and the increase of greenhouse gases due to carbon emissions. We know that energy creation with substances like coal can release high levels of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, increasing the rate at which the globe warms. However, on August 30, 2016, White House senior advisor Brian Deese announced that carbon dioxide levels and other greenhouse gas emissions are at a 20-year low. However, there was not a word spoken about hydraulic fracture drilling.

If you’re not up-to-date on the latest emissions statistics, you may be wondering what fracking has to do with lower greenhouse gas emissions. In one word: everything. While Brian Deese may have completely skipped over the fracking sector in his talk prior to further global discussion about emission reductions, fracking and the natural gas boom has been a large reason for the reduction in emissions.

A Fossil Fuel is the Reason for Improvement

While it was not noted by the Obama administration, the main reason that we are finally seeing a reduction in carbon emission output in the United States is because of the increase in natural gas usage for energy production. More natural gas is being opted for over coal, and the way in which we produce natural gas is through fracking.

Natural gas is a cleaner burning fossil fuel that releases few carbon emissions into the environment. The process can also be much kinder on the environment as coal has to be mined less and less, and fracking facilities take up little land space.

The biggest concern for fracking is the water supply and proper disposal of fracking fluid. As an alternative to fracking ponds, which can leak into the groundwater, or injection disposal that intentionally forces frac fluid deep into the ground, Well Water Solutions’ liquid storage tanks help to run a fracking facility optimally. Along with frac water tanks, Well Water Solutions also provides water management services in order to help return water to the highest quality standards.

While many environmentalists fight the fracking process, they can’t argue that fracking has helped to reduce national carbon emissions and is a step towards reducing global climate change while still providing the high-energy requirements that American’s demand.  

To run your fracking facility to the best standards and provide both an optimal product, workplace, and reduced impact to the land, contact Well Water Solutions to learn more about the alternative fracking pond products that are available.


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