Florida Fails to Pass Ban on Fracking Ban

Florida tries to pass a ban on all fracking bans.

Fracking has been banned in 32 counties and 48 cities in Florida. In a move to undermine those counties and cities, some of Florida’s lawmakers have tried to pass a bill that would actually ban all fracking bans in the state. This bill did not pass Florida’s state senate.

Florida is just one of the many states where cities and counties have taken their stand against fracking. Part of the reason for this is misinformation about fracking, but some of these bans are a result of unsafe fracking practices that have led to contaminated water, earthquakes and other issues. That is why Well Water Solutions has set out to make fracking safer for everyone.

We work hard to make fracking safer.

No matter how many people have a problem with fracking, it is helping us to reduce our reliance on oil and propel us into the future, and it is not going anywhere. Unfortunately, these bans make it impossible for companies to access the natural gas that we rely on. But with safer fracking practices and more information, those cities and counties may decide to stop banning fracking on their own.

The biggest risks and dangers associated with fracking are all related to waste water. Without proper handling of waste water, controversies arise and some people may even get hurt. At Well Water Solutions, we offer waste water treatment and high quality above ground water storage tanks in the United States and Canada to make fracking safer and more cost effective. Visit us online now to learn more.

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