The Connection Between Fracking and Earthquakes

Oklahoma is finally fed up with fracking-related earthquakes.

Have you had a chance to read our latest blog yet? If so, then you already know about how Oklahoma has experienced stronger and more frequent earthquakes as fracking has increased. We also talked about Oklahoma’s plan for reducing the earthquakes that are now starting to affect affluent communities and the homes of lawmakers. It’s obvious that Oklahoma has a growing earthquake problem and that the fracking industry plays a big part in that problem. But how exactly does fracking lead to these earthquakes?

What is the connection between fracking and earthquakes?

Many politicians and leaders in the oil and gas industry have stubbornly refused to admit that fracking leads to earthquakes, and technically, they are right. Fracking itself does not lead to earthquakes, however, reinjected waste water does cause them. In Oklahoma, waste water is being injected so deep into the ground that is actually causes the natural faults to stir, which leads to earthquakes. The biggest dangers of fracking are all related to waste water, and luckily, there are many safer alternatives that are actually cost-effective for fracking companies.

We can offer you a better solution.

Reinjecting waste water leads to earthquakes, which means that it is an unsustainable way to handle waste water. Fracking can be done safely and responsibly, and Well Water Solutions can help. With our water storage tanks and water treatment system, we can help you store and reuse your dirtiest flow back and produced waters, eliminating the need for reinjecting it into the ground. Contact us to learn more!

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