How Fracking Has Changed Our Future

Is fracking’s bad reputation unfair?

Whether you are a strict environmentalist or you work for a company that is involved in hydraulic fracturing, you can’t deny that fracking has a bad reputation. However, new information is available every day about how the fracking’s worst side effects are a lot more innocuous than they are made out to be. For example, in our last blog, we talked about water usage in fracking. While it’s true that fracking does use a lot of water, it is also true that the industry only uses about 1% of industrialized water every year. Many people have also failed to consider all of the positive impacts of fracking on our present and our future, which include:

#1. Job Creation

Fracking has helped to created many jobs all over the United States and Canada. Today, in the United States alone, the fracking industry now supports an estimated 1.7 million jobs, and by 2020, that number could rise to approximately 3 million jobs.

#2. Economy

All of those jobs that are created by the fracking industry help to stimulate our economy. The more money people have, the more demand there will be, which can lead to more jobs being created down the road. Fracking has also led to $62 billion being added to state and federal government revenues, and by 2020, that number is predicted to rise to $136 billion. This has helped the U.S. to improve its position in the global economy.

Not only has fracking already benefited the United States and Canada in many ways, with new solutions, like our high-quality water storage tanks, we can address many of the negative environmental impacts of fracking. Would you like to learn about more ways that fracking has changed our future? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.

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