We Can Help You Reduce Your Waste Water Injection Rates

An increase in earthquake activity in Oklahoma is leading to stricter regulations on waste water injection rates.

According to the Oklahoma Geological Survey, the total number of seismic events that have a magnitude of 2.5 or more have gone from 2 in 2012 to 359 in 2014. That’s almost an 18,000% increase in earthquake activity, and the cause is water waste injection from hydraulic fracturing. More and more people are starting to notice and become more concerned about Oklahoma’s increase in earthquakes, which has led to new regulations on operators in the state. The good news is that Well Water Solutions can help you meet regulations and save more money.

Our above ground water storage tanks and water treatment eliminate the need for reinjecting waste water into the ground.

Earthquakes are not caused by hydraulic fracturing, they are caused by reinjecting waste water into the ground, but luckily, with our water treatment and storage tanks on your side, you won’t need to reinject your waste water. Our water treatment process is so advanced that it makes the dirtiest water reusable once again. With reusable water, you will not only be able to avoid reinjecting waste water into the ground, you will also have renewed water to use for fracturing your next well, reducing (if not eliminating) the need to buy new water.

Oklahoma’s new regulations on waste¬†water injection don’t have to spell trouble for the fracking industry. In fact, when you turn to Well Water Solutions, you may even be able to save more money by adhering to those regulations. Would you like to learn more about our waste water treatment process? If so, please contact us today!

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