Bringing Water to Dry Places

With the increased need for hydraulic fracturing in the United States to keep the price of energy and gas low, there is also an increased need to bring water to even the driest frac sites. Between regulations dictating how close in vicinity a frac site can be to natural water sources and the ever increasing need for more energy, it can be exceptionally difficult to get the volume of water necessary to frac a well multiple times, let alone once. This means acquiring water appropriate for the use and getting it to the frac site in what is most likely a usable location. Additionally, there can be a huge delay between the initial setup of a frac site and the time when engineers actually start the fracking process. What should a hydraulic fracturing operation do with their water supply in the meantime?

There are a couple of different options for a company who has hydraulic fracturing sites for when there is a need to store not just fracking fluid, but also water to go through the fracking process. In fact, we’ve talked about many of these water storage options on the blog, including above ground storage tanks for water. Having the proper tools and setup for a fracking engineering team to get started promptly is very important to keep a project on schedule and producing.

One of the biggest challenges for frac sites is being able to acquire water and then store the waste after the fracking process. Well Water Solutions provides a variety of products for remote frac site locations and to help make the site able to meet its water needs. Engineers aren’t simply able to hook up a hose to a fire hydrant and pump water down the well from your standard plumbing system. Additionally, many of the highest volume producing areas in the United States are exceptionally dry, meaning you can’t take water from just anywhere. Water wars are not new, and fracking has brought about further conflict concerning water rights. Utilizing onsite storage makes addressing these issues easier. You may have to transport in the water necessary, but once it’s there, it will be usable for multiple fractures and be easily accessible in your on location above ground storage tanks. Think about common sites in Oklahoma or Colorado, where water isn’t easily accessible, heavy water restrictions exist, and precipitation in relatively rare.

Working within the current system to acquire the necessary water for a fracking project doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the right tools. Moving and storing water is often the best solution for many frac sites. This also gives your company the opportunity to utilize the water management services to process frac fluid to meet rigorous standards for reuse. Above ground storage tanks for water management are an absolutely necessity for each and every frac site, no matter the location or the access to water.

Let Well Water Solutions guide you through choosing the proper products and services for your needs and local regulations. We’re here to help you with all your frac water and fluid management needs. Contact us with any questions you may have!  

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