Can Fracking Help Fight Terrorism?

With the current election and the many debates prior to election day, there is a lot of talk about issues that are exceptionally important to the citizens of the United States. This topics can range anywhere from education and immigration to energy independence and international affairs. One word that we’ve all heard mention of regularly is ISIS. Terrorism has been a major problem in the Middle East, and around the world, in recent decades, which has made it a hot topic during this election cycle. Questions such as how do we best protect Americans from ISIS and how do we stop ISIS in general are being critically discussed and debated. You’re now probably wondering why we’re talking about some pretty heavy-handed political discourse in a blog about fracking wastewater disposal and frac tanks. There are some schools of thought that suggest that by expanding fracking in the United States, Americans will be able to help fight terrorism.

While most people think of fighting terrorism as an actual physical combat, where the United States sends ground troops into another country to engage in warfare. However, there are other political and economic ways in which to strike decisively against an international foe. Historically, when a country has done something that opposes the beliefs of the United States, embargoes have been a tactic that can economically harm them. This has been the case with Russia, Cuba, and North Korea, to name a few. However, how do you apply similar tactics against a group of people that has no definitive country lines? The main product that comes out of the Middle East, and provides those countries with most of its exports, has been oil. With the United States having the second highest power consumption demands in the World, right behind China, and being the top consumer of oil products worldwide, you can understand how a reliance on oil from the Middle East has been historically problematic. Money that is used to purchase oil, especially black market oil, in the Middle East has a way of finding its way into the pockets of terrorists, funding their illegal activities. This has placed a heavy burden on the United States, having to decide between meeting the country’s energy needs or purchasing oil products that could potentially fund terrorism.

Fracking in the United States has provided a quite ingenious and effective way to provide for the United State’s energy needs and simultaneously help fight terrorist groups like ISIS. Investing in local markets at home allows the United States to become energy independent while denying money to countries that support terrorist groups. Additionally, the increased production of natural gas and oil in the U.S. forces down the price of oil worldwide, from over $50 per barrel to currently under $40. Through this process, terrorist groups are unable to find the same level of funding that they previously had. By expanding fracking, being able to meet the energy needs of Americans, and being able to export natural gas, Americans are helping to fight ISIS through economic avenues. While you may not be a sure where you stand on the election, one thing is for sure, fracking should be a topic on everyone’s mind in the continuing fight against ISIS.  

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