The Many Benefits of Renting for Frac Water Storage

Here at Well Water Solutions, we know that planning, executing, and running a hydraulic fracking site involves many different components that affect the success and the bottom line for your business. Frac wells can provide a large quantity of natural gas or oil over the course of many years through the fracking process.

Before the process even begins, including the drilling of the well, the actual fracking, and then the oil and gas recovery, decisions have to be made about contractors and supplies. One such decision will be to choose whether you want to invest in frac tanks for purchase or frac tanks for rent for your well sites. Understanding the different pros and cons that come with renting your frac tanks, and perhaps other fracking equipment, can help you make the best educated decision for your business.  

Plan it!

When you’re planning the start of a frac well and site, there are many different factors that go into making sure everything runs smoothly. First you have to have your well drilling team on site. Then you have to have the hydraulic fracturing team on site actually doing the fracking. Lastly, the well has to be set up for collection and monitoring for the life of the well. With all these different factors to get into place, from personnel to equipment, and making sure the timing all lines up, and all for the right price, the frac water collection tanks may end up last on your mind.

By choosing frac tank rentals for your well site, you’re opting for a shorter-term solution when you make your plan. This is great for wells that may not be expected to produce as much or if you’re running a smaller operation that you may not want to invest in all the equipment for the long haul. That way, you will have a set known amount for the rental, and then return when you’re done with it so that you don’t have to try and recoup the costs of a frac tank purchase over time. When you choose frac tank rentals with Well Water Solutions, we help you to take care of one very important component for your fracking investment so that you can work on other parts of the process and what you do best.

Move it!

Another great benefit to renting your frac tank from Well Water Solutions is that you don’t have to worry about moving it. In fact, you don’t have to worry about setting it up or taking it down. We can do that for you in order to provide you with the most convenient and easiest frac tank solutions. Frac tanks from Well Water Solutions are unique in their construction. They are easy to assemble, not requiring cranes or chains, and they can be assembled by us in as little as four hours. Once you have your frac tank assembled, it can stay put for years, or we can empty it, pack it up, and move it to a different frac site for you. Or return it when your done and rent another later on if you need!

Clean it!

While there are many options in terms of frac tanks, many which we have discussed here on the blog, one of the most common ways that frac fluid is dealt with is that it is simply allowed to evaporate. While this can work, there are also other alternatives that pair well with a frac tank rental. Storing the frac fluid in a frac tank is great, but when you’re renting the tank, you probably want to shorten that rental time as much as possible. Well Water Solutions can provide water management and treatment, which will allow you to make sure that all the fracking fluid is properly cleaned up and removed from the well site. This can greatly reduce your long-term costs associated with purchasing your own frac tanks for your well site.

With a variety of ways in which renting frac tanks and working with Well Water Solutions can benefit you, why would you choose anyone else? Throughout the whole process, from planning all the way through to closing down a well site, Well Water Solutions is committed to providing you the very best in unique and innovative frac tank solutions to keep your hydraulic fracking investment producing. Contact us for more information today!

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