Hydraulic Fracture Drilling Industry Boosts Economies

18002-cta6It’s a pretty simple correlation to consider: if energy demand increases, production increases, and if production increases, associated economies grow. While there are individuals out there who believe that fracking, or hydraulic fracture drilling, should be completely banned in the United States, it’s important to remember that natural gas just topped the charts for providing energy to homes across the nation.

There’s an important and direct link from energy production to an increase in wealth in a community. The fracking industry has created good paying jobs all across the nation and brought additional revenue into the local economies. According to an op-ed in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinal, “fracking created 2.7 million jobs and unlocked $43 billion in economic activity in 2014. Last year, it supported almost 2 million jobs nationwide.” In addition to creating jobs, the fracking boom has kept both energy and gasoline costs low, helping American families save money on their bills each month.

The greatest struggle that the world finds itself in is an energy crisis. There needs to be ways to provide the masses energy for electricity and help lift many underdeveloped and impoverished areas out of poverty. Fracking does that through jobs and increasing energy output. In a previous blog, we even discussed how natural gas is a major contributor to reduced carbon emissions in the United States as it also burns cleaner than coal or other fossil fuels.  

The process of fracking involves injecting water, sand, and other chemicals into a small well at high pressure. This process causes shale and other rock to break up and release natural gas from deep rock beds. The resulting byproducts include a frac water mixture that has to be handled carefully. Frac tanks can hold this water until it evaporates, leaving only sand and the chemicals, or until it can be treated by a company, such as Well Water Solutions, to allow the water to return to appropriate regulation standards.

There is concern that this fracking fluid could cause drinking water contamination, however, properly handling the fluid can keep this from happening. Additionally, services and products provided by Well Water Solutions are affordable for any fracking project.

The fracking industry isn’t going anywhere as it is a major contributor to energy production in the United States and other parts of the world. Utilizing quality products and following appropriate processes make fracking an ideal energy solution for the current world environment. Contact Well Water Solutions for more information about how we can contribute to your frac site.

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