How Our Water Storage Tank Can Replace Your Current Water Storage

AST_v1While our water storage tank selection is great if you need additional water on-site, it can actually replace your existing storage as well while providing you with significant cost savings. First, let’s look at some of the other methods that are commonly employed for water storage on fracking sites that our water storage tanks can replace.

Replace Your Current Water Storage With a Better Method

Common Water Storage Methods on Frac Sites

Containing both the water used in the fracking process and the flowback liquid are important on a fracking job site. Many sites choose to use methods like these for their water storage:

  • Frac pits. This is a hole in the ground that is lined with plastic.
  • Frac lakes and ponds. Similar to pits, but may be above ground and lined with plastic to prevent contaminated water from seeping back into the ground.
  • Tank farms. These are groups of smaller frac tanks, holding around 400BBL or 500BBL each.

While there may be benefits to each of these methods, they have their drawbacks, as well. It’s important to find the method that offers a job site the most benefit while still staying cost effective.

Why Our Water Storage Tank is Better

We offer water storage tanks that range from 10,000 BBL to 60,000 BBL, and they do it without taking up too much space on your job site. In fact, many of our clients are able to replace their current water storage with our water storage tank and free up space on the job site as well. Plus, our tanks can be set up in just a few hours and our teams do the work for you. This eliminates a lot of the wait that is required with a storage method such as pits or lakes, and it takes up significantly less space than a tank farm.

Tanks_1Call Us to Talk About Renting Our Water Storage Tanks

We have a number of above ground water storage tanks available as well as frac tanks that you can rent for your job site. Our team prides itself on providing the best water storage solutions for your business at cost-effective prices with features that help you business run faster. If you are interested in renting our water storage tanks, please get in touch with us. We can help you choose the size that’s right for you and set up a time for our assembly crew to come put it together. Call us or email us through our website today.

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