How We Clean the Water in Your Frac Tank

Once the water used on your job site returns to our frac tank, it needs to be cleaned. Contaminated fracking water can be stored in a pond for a short amount of time, but ultimately, the long-term solution is to make sure it’s cleaned to the standards of the local municipality. There are numerous methods employed on fracking sites around the world to get this done, but our customers are thrilled with the results that our system offers.

Our Water Treatment is Fast and Affordable

Our water treatment system can treat up to 15,000 barrels of water in your frac tank every day. That’s fast enough to keep even the biggest operation going. Plus, we do it all at the lowest cost possible so it’s an affordable solution for any job site. We make keeping your frac tank clean easier than you ever thought possible.

Water Treatment Options That Can Save You Money

When you utilize Infinite Solutions, our water treatment options, you could actually help your operation save money. That’s because our treatment program is often cheaper than other options. It also prevents you from being fined for not living up to the high standards of cleaning waste water.

Call About Our Frac Tank Cleaning Solutions Today

Instead of relying on short-term solutions like fracking ponds, our water treatment option cleans even the dirtiest water to the highest standards. Get started by giving us a call. You can speak to a WWS Tank expert by giving us a call at 307-247-0675 or by contacting us through our website today.

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