Are Natural Gas Vehicles the Future?

Is natural gas the answer for fueling our vehicles?

Thanks to fracking and the high-quality above ground water storage tanks used for fracking, natural gas is booming right now, and in our last blog, we talked about how supply is currently outpacing demand. One of the reasons for this is that most people only think of natural gas for heating their homes or cooking their dinners. However, natural gas vehicles have been around for decades, and today, there are mover than 15 million vehicles that utilize natural gas in the world. While the United States boasts only 120 thousand natural gas vehicles, the overabundance of natural gas may be the game changer we need to see more natural gas vehicles on the road.

Many municipalities and businesses have started taking advantage of natural gas. 

While the natural gas vehicle trend has yet to become popular amongst the general public, many municipalities and businesses have started to take advantage of natural gas vehicles. According to the president of Natural Gas Vehicles for America, Rich Kolodziej, around a 25 percent of new buses and 40 percent of new garbage trucks are now equipped to run on natural gas, and in Los Angeles, natural gas is already fueling all of the buses. The U.S. Department of Energy has also noticed the positive impacts of fueling our vehicles with natural gas, and as a result, they held a competition with $30 million on the line in the hopes of finding new ways to utilize natural gas in our vehicles.

Fueling our vehicles with natural gas would help us to finally end our reliance on foreign oil and make our economy more self-sufficient. Learn about the benefits of natural gas vehicles when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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