Fracking Helps the Environment and the Economy

For the most part, most of what is said about fracking is negative. 

Whether you are watching the news, reading an article in the paper or looking at a blog online, if the term “fracking” is involved, you probably won’t hear many positives. Fracking is a controversial topic, and you’ve probably already heard all about how it pollutes the water, leads to earthquakes and is killing the environment. However, what you won’t hear very often is how fracking is actually helping both the economy and the environment.

How does fracking help the environment and the economy?

The environment is probably the most controversial argument in the fracking industry, but if you take the time to truly understand the impacts of fracking, you’ll see that it has actually been a positive for the environment in many ways. Fracking has helped us to shift away from coal, which has lead to a measurable decrease in greenhouse gas emissions since 2005. From 2011 to 2013, methane emissions related to shale gas wells dropped by an astounding 73%, and those emissions are expected to continue to drop as the industry takes steps to become more efficient.

The economy is another big thing that has benefited from fracking. One of the ways that fracking has helped our economy is with gas prices. Check out our latest blog to learn all about how fracking leads to lower gas prices. Additionally, fracking has helped us find more energy independence, which greatly lessens our reliance on foreign oil.

Fracking has been a great thing for both our economy and the environment, and Well Water Solutions provides above ground water storage tanks and other solutions to improve the fracking process. Contact us today to learn more.

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