10 Important Facts About Fracking Part 3

There is a whole lot of misinformation out there about fracking. 

One of the main reasons why fracking is so controversial is because it is widely misunderstood, which is understandable considering all of the misinformation out there about fracking. Luckily, Well Water Solutions is here to help. Not only do we offer high quality above ground water storage tanks in the United States and Canada, we also want to help to set the record straight about fracking. In our last blog, we went over several important facts that everyone needs to know. Here are a couple more facts you need to know about fracking:

#7. Methane in water aquifers isn’t uncommon.

We’ve all seen the videos of the tap water igniting from supposed frac pollution, but the methane in water is actually very common and it is even biogenic, which means that it occurs naturally. Methane isn’t even regulated because it isn’t toxic. It just naturally escapes from natural gas, much like bubbles in your soda.

#8. Hydraulic fracturing is not exempt from regulation. 

One of the myths about fracking that is currently popular to spread by eco-activists is that it is exempt from regulations surrounding drinking water, as well as other key issues. In fact, the fracking industry is actually highly regulated, and many concerns about excessive water use are currently being addressed.

We have just a couple more facts about fracking to go over with you, so if you want to learn more about fracking, please stay tuned for our next blog.

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