10 Important Facts About Fracking

We’re here to set the record straight about fracking. 

At Well Water Solutions, we provide frac tanks, waste water treatment and other innovative solutions for the fracking industry. With our help, fracking is becoming safer and less controversial. However, it’s important to know that many of the most common controversies about fracking are misguided and some of them are even downright false. That’s why our team is here to set the record straight. The following is a list of the top 10 important facts that everyone should know about fracking:

#1. Fracking isn’t new. 

Although fracking has certainly been in the media a lot more often lately, it isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, we have been utilizing hydraulic fracturing for over 60 years now! In 2008/2009, advancements in the industry just made fracking a more commercially viable process than it ever was before.

#2. Fracking doesn’t compromise our water supply.

One of the biggest controversies about fracking is how it pollutes the water we drink. Luckily, there have been over two million frack tanks pumped without a single case being documented about polluting a water aquifer. Even the EPA has recently found that fracking doesn’t impact drinking water. Read more about the EPA’s finding when you check out our latest blog.

#3. Almost all gas wells have been fracked. 

Since 1949, approximately 90% of all of the gas wells drilled in the United States have been fracked.

Fracking is incredibly controversial, but our experts are here to correct misconceptions and get the facts out about fracking. Would you like to learn more? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.


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