Your Frac Water Heating Solution

Winter is coming. Is your frac water ready?

Although we are still enjoying all of the beautiful leaves and wonderful fall weather, there’s no doubt about it, winter is coming. Some places have even started to experience a big drop in temperatures at night, and now is the time to start thinking about keeping your frac water at the right temperature. Heating your above ground water storage tank can help to improve your efficiency and productivity because it increases the viscosity of your tank’s contents. But how can you keep your frac water at the optimal temperature when the weather gets cold? Well Water Solutions can help!

We offer a different kind of above ground storage tank. 

All of our above ground storage tanks come with optional tank heating, and with our solutions on your side, you won’t ever have to worry about too cold or frozen frac water ever again. With a geo floor liner, an insulated floating cover and foam insulated sidewalls, our tanks are designed for optimal heat retention. What’s more is that you can enjoy these superior heating solutions for tanks of every size. Whether you need to heat a 10,000 BBL tank or a 60,000 BBL tank, you can rest assured that Well Water Solutions has your back.

Don’t let the winter slow down your production or efficiency. Keep your water at the optimal temperature for the job with the help of the experts at Well Water Solutions. Learn more about our tank heating options and our one-of-a-kind above ground water storage tanks by contacting us today.

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