The Economic Impacts of Natural Gas Part 2

In our last blog, we talked about the price of crude oil vs. the price of natural gas. While it’s true that we can all benefit from a more affordable fuel source, the cost of natural gas is just one part of the economic impact that natural gas has on the United States. The other big way that natural gas affects our economy is through job creation.

Natural gas creates jobs and a healthier economy as a whole. 

We rely so heavily on oil that, when oil prices are high, it affects everything from unemployment to the price of groceries. If we want to avoid the mistakes of our past, we have to find a local source of fuel, and many people believe the answer lies in natural gas. Not only does the low, consistent price of natural gas benefit everyone, natural gas also creates jobs. In 2010, the development of natural gas resources helped the United States to create 600,000 jobs, and the future is looking bright. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the high recovery rate of natural gas, as well as the lower prices of natural gas that it will lead to, will help manufacturers in the United States to employ a million new workers by 2025.

In order for us to reap the economic benefits of natural gas, we first have to learn how to produce it efficiently. That is why Well Water Solutions offers above ground water storage tanks, water treatment and other innovative solutions. Would you like to learn more about our incredible solutions? If so, please contact us today!

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