Natural Gas Could Lead Us to Other Clean Energy Sources

Natural gas has many advantages over oil and other fossil fuels. 

As we learned in a previous blog, from an environmental standpoint, natural gas is the best fossil fuel we currently have. It produces far fewer harmful greenhouse gas emissions than coal and oil, which could help to address many environmental concerns, like acid rain and smog. It is also incredibly efficient; an approximate 90% of all natural gas that is produced can be delivered as useful energy. Not only does natural gas provide us with a cleaner energy source right now, but it is also paving the way for us to start utilizing renewable energy sources in the near future.

Could natural gas be our bridge to renewable energy?

Natural gas is not only a cleaner energy source in itself, but it can also be used to develop other alternative energy sources in many exciting and innovative ways. Natural gas can be used to make both ethanol (an alternative fuel sources used in flex fuel vehicles) and hydrogen (which can be used to create a cleaner form of diesel fuel because it eliminates soot). Natural gas can also be used to power electric utilities. In addition, natural gas is used in a variety of energy-efficient materials, including solar panels, wind power blades, lightweight cars and many others.

Natural gas may be our bridge from oil to renewable energy, and at the very least, it provides us with a cleaner alternative to oil. Well Water Solutions is one of the companies leading the way in the fight to make harvesting natural gas cleaner and more efficient. Visit us online today to learn about our frac tanks and water treatment technology.

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