What are Frac Ponds?

Well Water Solutions makes fracking safer and more environmentally friendly. 

At Well Water Solutions, we are happy to say that we offer a variety of safer, more environmentally friendly solutions for fracking’s biggest challenges, one of these solutions being our frac tanks.  Our state-of-the-art frac tanks are a great alternative to the dangerous frac ponds that many companies are currently using. Before we go into why our frac tanks are a better, safer alternative to frac ponds, you first need to understand what frac ponds are and what kinds of problems arise from using them.

What are frac ponds?

As you probably already know, fracking leaves billions of gallons of wastewater every single year. In fact, according to Environment America, approximately 280 billions of gallons of wastewater were produced by wells used for fracking in 2012 alone. Some companies inject that wastewater back into the ground, but unfortunately, that can cause earthquakes and lead to the contamination of natural bodies of water. Other companies simply put their water in frac ponds, letting it slowly evaporate into the air. This option also isn’t ideal, because it leaches toxins into the air and the water, plus it is incredibly dangerous for birds who confuse the wastewater with fresh water. Not only is this bad for the environment, it has also led to hefty fines for fracking companies and facilities. One company had to pay a staggering $50,000 fine last year for allowing methanol and other dangerous organic compounds to evaporate into the air.

Want to avoid costly fines and start fracking in a more responsible way? Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about how our frac tanks can help.


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