The Unexpected Environmental Benefits of Fracking

Much has been written about fracking, but did you know there are environmental benefits that are often left undiscussed? We’re going to take a look at three of those benefits today. If you are looking for above ground water tanks for fracking or storage, or water treatment services, call Well Water Solutions today! Our experienced staff will be able to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

-No More Coal

One great benefit fracking provides is its ability to recover both crude oil and natural gas from shale deposits in large amounts. This has allowed prices for natural gas to dramatically drop, which therefore makes natural gas a far more viable energy option than coal. Because coal produces three times as much carbon emission as natural gas, it’s important to find a secondary solution to bypass one of the most harmful fuel sources in the world. Emissions have improved in the time since natural gas has taken the place of coal, in a much larger amount than many other sustainable energy sources. The need for coal has fallen drastically in the last few years, as natural gas has surged in use and popularity.

-Confusion Over Safety

Much has been made over the dangers that fracking presents, but the bulk of those fears come down to misinformation or confusion. The hydraulic fracturing process itself is actually very safe as long as it is performed correctly and the well was constructed as it needs to be. Many times, what people are worried about when it comes to fracking is actually the injection process, which is completely separate from hydraulic fracturing. Many studies have shown that hydraulic fracturing has no effect on water aquifers.

-Investment in the Community

This is an indirect benefit hydraulic fracturing has on the environment. When hydraulic fracturing begins, it brings along with it energy investors into the local economy, which allows them to invest directly into charity groups that perform environmental work and research in the area. This generally improves the overall value of the community. Millions of dollars have been donated to charity groups through energy partners, who have a vested interest in the growth and prosperity of the communities where they live and work. Many of these investments directly provide environmental protection and help to ensure the safety of neighboring communities.

Though many environmental agencies have voiced their concern over how hydraulic fracking impacts the world, most of those concerns have been unproven. There is a consistent drive toward environmental sustainability for hydraulic fracturing and it provides a cleaner energy solution than the coal we have been so reliant on for centuries. Hopefully discovering some of these incredible environmental benefits can assuage some of your worries and teach you how valuable hydraulic fracturing really can be. Well Water Solutions can provide you with one of our patented aboveground water tanks for storage or for fracking. Whatever your need is, our experts will find the perfect solution for you. Call us today to learn how we can help you!

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