Advantages Of Natural Gas Over Coal

Here at Well Water Solutions, we are big energy buffs. We are fascinated with human ingenuity, and how we have been able to use the environment around us to create sprawling cities, power our homes, and provide comfort in all kinds of ways. Our energy needs are always changing, and we are constantly making advances into new technologies. Just think, it was only a few centuries ago that the biggest power source available to us was from steam. With solar and wind on the rise, the future looks bright, but they are still decades away at least from being able to handle the huge energy load in our country. In the meantime, fracking is offering a safer and more lucrative avenue for energy production than other options, especially fossil fuels. We go over some of the advantages of natural gas over coal here.

There is a lot of it

We all know that one of the biggest drawbacks of fossil fuels is their finite quantity. Luckily, in regards to natural gas, there is plenty to go around. The most recent studies on the amount of natural gas available to us estimate at least 100 years of natural gas availability just in the United States alone. While natural gas is a finite fossil fuel, there is absolutely no short term possibility of it running out.

It is less costly than other fossil fuel sources of energy

The price of natural gas is much less subject to fluctuations than other fossil fuels. Take gasoline, for instance, which years ago spiked up to more than four dollars a gallon. Natural gas, by comparison, remained steadily at two dollars a gallon. Additionally, constant advances in in harvesting technology also help to keep prices down. In fact, because prices are so low for natural gas, it is convincing many trucking companies to switch to it from diesel fuel.

It increases security by decreasing dependence

It is unfortunate that in the modern world so many countries are dependent on others because of an over-reliance of foreign owned oil. By harvesting and using natural gas instead, it keeps the United States from being beholden to oil suppliers. It is a great alternative to these fossil fuels because it can be used to supplement their electricity production as well as power a vehicle.

Natural gas is more environmentally friendly

When it comes to actually using natural gas as an energy source, it is much cleaner than other fossil fuels. That is because natural gas combustion burns almost completely up to the mark, meaning there is very little byproduct put into the environment. Additionally, advances in gas burning technology have greatly reduced nitrogen oxide, which is a common pollutant that is emitted by the burning of natural gas. When you see that blue flame from natural gas burning, that means it is burning itself up perfectly. And there is no unsightly ash pile left over afterward!

It is much safer to store

Using natural gas opens up the possibility of using an above ground storage tank, like we have here at Well Water Solutions. These are much safer for commercial use than underground storage tanks, which are prone to expensive cleanup problems due to oil spills and soil contamination. Additionally, natural gas is non toxic, meaning that worker safety is not compromised by high exposure. Note though, that while natural gas is non toxic, it can still cause suffocation if it displaces the air in a room, and is of course extremely flammable. For home use, natural gas can simply be stored in a tank in liquid form underground.

It is reliable

What is the first thing to go out during a storm? The electricity. When your home or business is powered by natural gas, this no longer becomes a problem. While this may be a minor inconvenience for a resident, businesses can stand to save a lot of money by at the very least having a natural gas powered backup generator.


Are you considering switching to natural gas? You will need a place to store it. Here at Well Water Solutions, we offer above ground water storage tanks and frac tanks for tent. If you would like to know more about our frak tanks, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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