Worried About Radioactive Wastewater?

Here at Well Water Solutions, we naturally spend a lot of time talking about water, especially water directly related to the process of hydraulic fracturing. From frac tanks to wastewater management and treatment, we’re able to help North American well operators do their jobs not just effectively, but also safely. With growing concern about well flowback and used frac fluid, it’s important to do everything possible to dissuade dissent and show the public that fracking is the energy strategy that we need. However, in 2009 ProPublica was noted as saying that wastewater from the fracking process is radioactive.

As individuals involved in the fracking industry already know, it’s no surprise that wastewater that comes back up as flowback has radioactive isotopes in it. That’s one of the main reasons that site handling of both frac fluid and flowback is so important. It’s important to keep this water separate and contained for proper mitigation of both chemicals and radioactive isotopes.

This public revelation didn’t come as a surprise to most of the industry because it’s these radioactive isotopes, radium-226 and radium-228, that make finding large deposits of natural gas even possible. Geologists measure the levels of radioactivity for these isotopes in order to detect where the largest pockets are. The higher the radioactivity, the larger the pocket of natural gas. Surveying for natural gas found in shale is exceptionally difficult, and without these isotopes we’d have no idea where to put a well to retrieve the natural gas roughly 1.5 miles below the surface.

Public concern revolves around the care of water and making sure that the radioactive isotopes involved in the process don’t become a public health hazard. When these isotopes are embedded in the shale, they don’t pose a hazard to any individual who may build a home right on top of a pocket. However, the process brings the isotopes to the surface. Here, they’re also not a public health hazard when handled appropriately. Flowback needs to be stored securely. Any relocation of wastewater needs to be managed and contained. Spills need to be mitigated before they happen. Wastewater then needs to be cleaned thoroughly in order to extract any particles that are not typically there before going back into use. Radioactive isotopes released during the fracking process are not going to be a problem, nor are they going to be a public health hazard.

We work hard at Well Water Solutions to provide state-of-the-art wastewater management for hydraulic fracturing operations. By providing the best systems to store fluid and providing ideal wastewater treatment techniques, we are able to process flowback and frac fluid to even the strictest of standards and quickly. This process doesn’t have to empty your pockets either. We make the entire process affordable for any operation. Let us show you how to manage your water needs on your site safely and the best way to manage your wastewater needs. When you need the professional expertise of dedicated water management specialists, turn to Well Water Solutions. Contact us today for more information about our products and services for your needs.

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