Fracking: 1 Million Wells and Growing

If you’re in the fracking industry, you probably have a good idea of how many wells exist across the nation and of the most commonly drilled areas. However, if you’re new to the industry or you think that fracking is a rarely used technique in order to acquire natural gas, think again.

With an ever growing natural gas need, the United States continues to invest in companies that can provide for this energy need. If you ever thought that there were only a handful of natural gas wells in the United States, you’d be off by quite a lot. Across 36 states that were recently mapped, FracTracker found that there are “more than 1.1 million active oil and gas wells.” This number doesn’t even take into account the largest producer of natural gas in the nation: Texas. Texas alone has more than 300,000 active wells across the state that should be considered in this count as well.

The struggle the FracTracker team had when compiling all this data is that each state and organization will define an “active well” differently. For some states, an “active well” is only wells that are currently being drilled and producing. Some states define it as wells that have recently produced natural gas or flowback, while others will define any well site as an “active well” even if the well has yet to be fracked.

Based on the data currently available, there are four states that take the cake for number of hydraulic fracturing wells within the state boundaries. Do you know which four these are?

  • Texas
  • Pensylvania
  • Kansas
  • Colorado

With far more than a million “active wells” nationwide, you can expect that number to grow based on the current upward trend of natural gas consumption. Energy grids are switching to natural gas providing whole cities with the power they need to keep the lights on. External demand for natural gas has also never been higher. Mexico is a huge importer of natural gas, which they do in order to provide fuel for the power plants in their country. That means more natural gas to be drilled with hydraulic fracturing techniques in the United States. It’s important to keep in mind that in order to provide a supply for the demand, the current wells will continue to be used and new wells will be added, probably at a rate faster than it takes for wells to no longer be active, increasing the number of active wells in the U.S. and inching us closer to two million wells every day.

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