Changing Fracking for the Better Part 2

It’s time to work on improving fracking’s reputation.

If you’ve had a chance to read our previous post, then you already know that more and more people have started to oppose fracking. Even some republicans, who have historically supported fracking, have started to oppose it. Fracking has benefited our country in many ways, but if we want to continue to enjoy the benefits of fracking, we have to make some changes to make it safer and less controversial. In our last blog, we went over a couple of the ways that Well Water Solutions can help. Keep reading to learn more:

#3. Waste Water Recycling

There are many controversies surrounding fracking, but one of the biggest is the disposal of waste water. Today, many companies either store their waste water in frac ponds or they reinject it into the ground. Studies have shown that the reinjection of waste water is what has caused the earthquakes in states with heavy fracking activity, such as Oklahoma. Frac ponds are also incredibly controversial because of the threat they pose to wild life. Well Water Solutions provides innovative waste water treatment practices to eliminate the need for these troubling practices.

#4. Eliminate Frac Ponds

As we mentioned before, frac ponds are very controversial. This is because they are open, which allows the dangerous waste water to evaporate into the air. Also, many birds and other animals have died because of frac ponds because they unknowingly drink or fly into the contaminated water.

There are just a couple more ways that we can change fracking for the better. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more.

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